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Merijn Schoeber

Merry Schoeber

When I decided to do something that seems impossible to the average person, I knew I wanted a strong team of experience around me. Dry training within 7 weeks and stepping onto the podium is just one step further and new for me. Victorious Lifestyle has assisted me until the last second of my competition day these weeks, the results speak for themselves! The cup went home and I am an experience richer.

†  Merry Schoeber 

Amber Branten

Amber Branten

1.5 years ago I started to work on my physique under the guidance of Victorious Lifestyle. They are really an example and that is why it always gives you motivation to continue and achieve great results. If you need them and send a message they always respond on time. They are consistent and clear and are eager to help you. They give good advice and have a good view on what is best for you to do. Certainly a team with a lot of experience that can help you to achieve your goal(s)!!  


†  Amber Branten

Filip Katic

Filip Katic

After a difficult period in my life I approached Victorious Lifestyle. It felt right from the start and I knew that with them by my side I would end up in the best shape of my life! They have given me the necessary attention, knowledge and motivation to achieve my goals! Everything was completely adapted to my lifestyle and wishes! All this has brought me sustainable results because I have now learned how to get in shape without help and keep working on my physique!

- Filip Katic


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