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✅ Atleast 26 grams protein per serving (30 grams)


✨ Available in 3 unique flavors


❄️ The purest protein by the cold cross-flow microfiltration


🔍 Lab tested | Tested in an independent lab


♥️ Composed with lots of love & passion for the human body and performance!

Vanilla / Caramel | The Victorious Whey (Isolate)

1000 Grams
Out of Stock

    Discover your Victorious Whey of Life; a protein shake that doesn't only contain the very best ingredients of the highest quality but actually tastes invincible!


    Victorious Whey is packed with high quality Whey Isolate, BCAAs, EAAs and L-Glutamine with a protein percentage of 87% ( except the Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie contains 80.25% ).


    In addition, our Victorious Whey is flavored with natural flavors, extremely low in sugars and fats. This is a Victorious Whey of Life!



    In addition to the delicious flavors and the very best ingredients, we wanted to bring something unique. That is why we have took our time to develop a flavor that is not yet on the market but makes a big impact. And we can proudly say that we succeeded! The first Banana / Peanutbutter flavor in Europe, a delicious protein shake where the creamy banana is followed by a delicious aftertaste of (sweet) peanut butter! Don't miss it out!



    Victorious Whey is formulated in such a way that only the very best ingredients of the highest quality are used. Namely the purest form of whey isolate. This pure qualitative WHEY is recovered by so-called cold cross-flow microfiltration, so that the structure of the protein molecule remains completely intact. This allows the peptides to be in their purest and most effective form absorbed by the body, ideal for breakfast, before and after exercise.



    Mix 30 grams of Victorious Whey with 250 ml of water or milk (Note! If you mix it with milk it will have higher. nutritional values than stated on the label).


    Take 1 to 3 servings per day, do not exceed daily dose.



    Milk /lactose. This product may also contain traces of gluten, egg, fish and soy.


    Pay attention! This product does not contain nuts and is therefore safe for people with a nut allergy.

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